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     What a massive shift in the weather in just one week! On the weekend I walked to the movie theater twice (to see 'God's Not Dead' and 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'), which was over eight miles total. On Saturday, I wore boots and had lots of snow, slush, and puddles to get through. On Sunday, the paths were 90% clear and bone-dry. Just in one day!

     Another treat on the walk Sunday was the delight of hearing frogs calling from a marshy area, already!

     It has been a delight to have the windows open each evening this week; Shado is loving it.

     While waiting for the bus at the park and ride Wednesday morning, we were all regaled by the sight of a pair of swans flying in a half-circle overhead. I couldn't tell for sure if it was a trumpeter or a tundra swan, but probably tundra. What a delight!

     I'm up to the last big scene in 'To Serve Unseen,' but thanks to a stomachache Wednesday evening, shifted gears and got a short essay on avarii written for my over-dusty Triune LJ. Always feels good to get something out of my head and into text, as well as an excuse to get something posted over there (once I edit it).

     And tomorrow is a Friday already! I'm very much looking forward to my two days off/my four-day weekend!
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