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Shouts · of · Joy

It has been a sad week in a few ways, but not without its blessings:…

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It has been a sad week in a few ways, but not without its blessings:

     First, the blessing of accomplishments. I got 't'ACm 405' up and linked to my Portal Page (though I doubt anyone is close to finishing 'TFE' yet). I got my short essay posted to stir up the dust over at my Triune LJ, and I also got to finish the short story 'To Serve Unseen' (a 'Delarun' side-story) Saturday morning. Feels great! (Though it's ironic how the all stories I just wrote or hope to start soon are on the happy/upbeat side right now, and I'm only in the mood for sad at present!)

     The blessing of art: got out to see Noah again today at the movie theater, and enjoyed it even more than the first time. I'm so glad Aronofsky got to make that movie, as it's given me so much to think about/chew over as a Christian, and artist, and a storyteller (as well as getting to read the Jewish analysis/reactions to the movie, which I've quite appreciated). On top of that, I got enough points with my theater card to finally score a free movie ticket, yay!

     I am loving the Bible study that takes place between the services at church (recently started the book of Judges), and on the weeks in which the teacher is the college history professer, I'm practially in paradise. He has such a knowledge of history, context, culture, archeology, Hebrew/Greek...I wish I could just sit and listen to him every day. What an amazing gift both for knowledge and teaching, and what a blessing to get to hear it!
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On April 14th, 2014 12:45 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy commented:
Thank you. *hugs*

Glad to hear you're enjoying the scaly grey thing! ;)

It's going to be amazing how fast it comes--so much better than the 18 month gap last time! I'm quite looking forward to it too!