Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

Of course my two days off went far too quickly, but they certainly held some blessings:

     The biggest was that I was free to get up at 1:30 am Tuesday morning and drive to a nearby park to watch portions of the lunar eclipse. It was special on a few levels--the first of the 'tetrad,' which reminds me of 'TFE' becuase the first of the tetrad there was the first eclipse the Shado ever got to see. And being out in a cold night watching an eclipse will always remind me of the eclipse Geren and t'DoL watch near the beginning of book 5. Lovely associations! It was fairly cloudy at first, so I sat and read from 'Delarun' and watched whenever the moon and Mars swung clear of the clouds, but then it cleared for the very ending of the eclipse. So wonderful to see the light start returning...and then head home after 3:30 am.

     On the weekend I finally got a much-needed new futon mattress, and started in on the job of demolishing the old one to get it into the trash or recyling. Hopefully I'll have a few weeks to enjoy it before it gets too hot and I switch to my new air mattress for the summer.

     I'm seeing a benefit already of getting my 'Obstinate Pests' story seeds listed on LJ and linked to my 'What's cooking...' post. Hopefully in the next few weeks/months some of them will 'behave' well enough to relocate from there to 'What's cooking...'

     Got my second silly Hu-Harek comic made over the past couple days, and plan to get it posted at the Triune LJ soon. Also made tons of progress with a Triune-focused timeline, which I really need to keep track of the pesky regnal year system they use in Triune.

     On Tuesday night I had dinner with the Towners. Quite amusing, as they actually didn't have any grandkids around (unlike the week prior), but we all sat and watched Frozen, which I hadn't gotten around to seeing yet. Quite a beautiful movie!
Tags: art, movies, skyscapes, tfe: other, triune: misc, what's cooking
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