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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent goodies:      My second platelet…

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Recent goodies:

     My second platelet donation for 2014 on Wednesday evening went wonderfully. Both my arms behaved, and the guy putting in the needles was so skilled I didn't even feel it! Also had the treat of watching The Miracle Maker while I gave, as I love to see that movie around Easter every year.

     A freak late storm brought some ice to my area and over a foot of snow to where my boss lives...but despite that, spring is underway. It was great to get to spot my first cormorant and great blue heron of the season. Last evening as I was heading to church for the Good Friday service, I looked over as usual at the old battered cottonwood near the bridge over the Minnesota River. I've already begun thinking of it as the "eagle tree"--and for the first time this spring, it had an adult bald eagle sitting in it!

     Happiness is getting an item moved from my "Obstinate Pests" list to my What's Cooking... page, thanks to the fact that one more story seed has quit being obstinate! Hopefully I can relocate at least one more during the next few months...
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