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I took my venetian-style blind down and cleaned it in the bathtub this morning. I was surprised by the strength of the warm memories it stirred up...when I was in college and came home on break, on a couple of occasions I cleaned some of the blinds in my parents' house. Without letting anyone know. Then I waited days, weeks, even months once, until my mom spotted it. Ah, that was so fun! I'm grateful for those memories...but I'm also grateful I only have ONE of my own to clean!


     I'm also happy about how good my big pot is looking already:

Not bad for early June!


     Pleased that I got to do some catch-up with reading on FictionPress and LJ. Nice to have my list looking short again!

     And I came up with a name for my replacement betta. An odd one, yep. He shall be called 'Blacker.'
Tags: flowers, pets: blacker, photos
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