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It was a busy weekend, but a good one:

     I got out to the Friends School Plant sale for my second time to get a bunch of plants for my 'garden' on my deck. The weather was great, the turnout big, and it was neat that the St Paul Craftstravaganza was also happening at the State Fairgrounds on the same day. It was fun browsing all the booths, but the artist whose work I fell in love with was actually located at the small garden fair outside the plant sale. She's coming to Minnesota once more this summer, and hopefully next time me and my wallet will be better prepared for her.

     Went to a few places trying to buy everything on my garden plan list, and that included checking out two new greenhouses. One is quite near my church, but feels like it's in the middle of nowhere as it's been around for 93 years and rather looks like it--but the plants are very healthy. The second was a place near Stillwater I'd driven by multiple times on my way to my favorite nursery, Bergmann's. It can only be accessed going east on highway 36, but I tend to only see it in time when I'm headed west. I wish I had walked in there years ago! Higher prices, but such an array of thriving healthy annuals! Wow! Also got out to Gerten's, of course, which has grown immensely in the past 20+ years, and was absolutely mobbed on Mother's Day weekend. Found nearly everything I wanted, and the rain held off on Sunday afternoon so I got half my planting done as well. Shado loves it when I'm messing around on my deck and he can be out there with me in his enclosure.

     Amidst all the flower stuff, I was happy to get the short Delarun side-story 'To Serve Unseen' added to my Portal Page. I'm at 48 stories/novellas now, and fast approaching my long-anticipated goal of 49!

     Then on Sunday night I got started with my first Triune short story, called 'Fritillary.' Perfect way to prod myself into doing maps of Eskaldaen, as well as get more acquainted with some of my main hyarmi characters in the Triune novels.
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