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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      Dinner with the…

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Recent delights:

     Dinner with the Towners Friday evening was a great way to wrap up a rather erratic work week. Even got to spot a bluebird right outside their window. The drive there and back was a treat as well, now that the weather's finally getting nice again.

     On Tuesday I got my replacement for Frogmouth, whom I've enjoyed for five years already, and with Windows XP as the OS, is getting increasingly obsolete. Enter 'Starfish,' who is a hybrid tablet/laptop, and has already provided much entertainment as I clumsily learn the ropes of Windows 8.1. Starfish will be keeping me company as I head out to visit family at the end of the month.

     I love this time of year! This morning I got out to Lebanon Hills regional park to enjoy the springtide, now that the trees are finally budding out. It was a delight to see my first basking turtles of the year, my first swallows, catbirds, and house wren. Lots of anemomes blooming, as well as violets, and the delightful sights of sprouting jack-in-the-pulpits. I was trying to hurry up on my way back to my car because I had lots of planting to finish up, but then I was overwhelmed by tons of migrating warblers! I made several mostly-futile attempts to get photos of some American redstarts (who always look like they belong in Peru to me), and then was delighted to see a Wilson's warbler, common yellowthroat, the neat zebra-looking black-and-white warbler, all amidst a flurry of various sparrows and Empidonax flycatchers I don't even try to identify! Then when I was almost back to my car, got distracted by the sight of a large tern (probably Caspian) flying over the lake and diving for fish. I almost never get to see terns, let alone near home!
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On May 18th, 2014 01:46 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy commented:
It was quite a blessing! Also happy to have all the planting done.

Too bad I'm not coming this week--it looks pretty nice in your area.