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     Sometimes it's healthier to be ignorant. Case in point, a Lunds Grocery Store recently opened up downtown, and my boss was one of many who headed over to check it out. She came back with gelato to share...and one flavor was PISTACHIO gelato. I did not need to know that existed! =D

     A blessing to get a bunch of random around the house stuff I needed, along with a book, and have it nearly covered by Amazon credit card points!

     So my Plan A of doing a platelet donation on Thursday evening failed (in large part to the female curse killing my iron level). But I'm grateful I had a Plan B, which was calling Bergmann's nursery and then getting out there before the gates closed at 7. This time they had the purslane my mom loves, and there was also a creamy-white calibrachoa I couldn't resist, to fill in a pot that is still pretty bare.

     There have been some overly-exciting/alarming issues cropping up at work in the last couple weeks, but two of them have been blessings. If it had not been for a strange chain of events in either case, a significant error might have made it undiscovered until the P8 rollout. Thank you, God! Far better to find out about it now!

     Friday was a quiet day at work, and the high point was the ice cream social for the four departments that report to my manager Jodi. Chris (the excellent tester who worked for BD and was then absorbed into my department) has been harassing me quite a lot over the past couple months with things I can fix/improve on the BD project, so I've started teasing him that I need to be paid in cookies. Well, today I got my cookies--and entire roll of Girl Scout Thin Mints! Very nice of him!
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