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A fantastic three-day weekend:

     I was blessed that I decided to go back to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum this weekend rather than last. Not only were the tulips still around, but the lilacs and the flowering apples and crabapples were in full bloom. That whole region of the grounds was stunning, and reminded me just a little of the hyarmi sacred place in the spring.

     Another huge treat just driving there (before I hit the detour and things got interesting). I saw a Trumpeter Swan sitting out on a nest in a marshy area near the river!!! So incredible to see a wild swan on a nest period, let alone a species that was nearly eradicated a century ago. Warmest applause for my state and all the work they've put into reintroducing them here.

     This makes two years in a row of very late springs, with the lilacs finally blooming a good two weeks later than normal. I am so glad they are, and that I didn't miss them completely with my trip. Thanks to the July temperatures we've been having, those precious flowers will be gone far too quickly.

     Sunday morning I got out for my third outing on my new bike...third outing after approximately 20 years of no biking. And thank God this outing did not involve any bruises, injuries to body or dignity, equipment issues, or any other sort of 'drama.' For which I am very glad. Did around 9 miles, and had a lot of fun laughing at myself over how hard it was for my legs to hold me up on the stairs afterwards.

     Then on Sunday after church, got to the movie theater to see X-Men: Days of Future Past and had a blast. Itching to see it again...and laughing at myself that I have a craving to rewatch X-Men: First Class and while I own four other X-Men movies, that is not one of them!
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