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Lots and lots of blessings:

     Grateful for a very smooth flight out, and no trouble making my connection, despite a short layover.

     Very happy to get to see Abby again (my mom's German Shepherd), as she's nearly twelve and failing, and I feared my last visit in November would be our last time to see each other.

     Amused to get to suffer "hot flashes" brought on by a combination of California heat and being half-smothered under a heap of affectionate nephews!

     It has been treat to not only see mockingbirds, but get to hear their song on a number of occasions already. My home state is too far north for them, while there seem to be a lot of them in the neighborhood where my parents live.

     Thanks to a suggestion from a neighbor, my mom and I went out on Saturday morning to visit High Hand Nursery in Loomis. It was wonderful, with beautiful topiary, healthy annuals and perennials in some unique colors--and at a reasonable price. We also enjoyed browsing the shops before having an excellent lunch in their glasshouse/cafe. I was delighted to find Brunnera 'Jack Frost' for sale at a very nice price, all that remains is to get it safely home in my luggage!

     And today my mom and I are off for a four-day trip to the cool and beautiful northern California coast, hurrah!
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