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Hurrah for a Friday!

     I had some free entertainment while walking to the park and ride on Monday, because a portion of the road I walk along is closed for utility work. It was fun seeing all the people who either weren't awake yet or had not noticed the signs posted the prior week. Most fun were those who had to drive right up to the barricades...maybe because they weren't reading at all!

     Wednesday was my former boss Bill's birthday, and Dawn and I went out with him for lunch at Wild Tymes. It was a good time, and then Dawn kindly got treats at Candyland afterward for both of us, because our birthdays are four days apart. Looking forward to getting back into my Chicago popcorn mix once my 40-hour fast wraps up!

     The weather has been crazy rainy this whole month, and this last week has brought my area to the tipping point for flash floods, rivers flooding, general flooding, you name it. (The highway I take to church was underwater twice yesterday.) So what a HUGE JOY to have no flooding in my basement whatsoever! I don't want to imagine what things would be like if I were still at my old place...
Tags: aldamar, job: coworkers, job: new boss, popcorn
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