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So many good things!

     Despite the ghastly amounts of rain of late, my garden is progressing. The first bachelor's buttons have opened, the first salipglossis has as well, and on my birthday I saw the first little blue flax flowers...within a week I hope to enjoy the first delphinium blooms too. Hopefully the rain will let up long enough for the evovulus and spiderwort to resume blooming, and to get photos when things aren't looking so beat up!

     Saturday was wonderful, as it's been too long since I had a day where I didn't have to go anywhere. Got to enjoy a rewatch of 'Oblivion,' got a craft project ready to go, and observed the solstice by starting a reread of my story 'Vigil,' as it takes place around that time and it's become an annual tradition of mine to enjoy Heruvael being grumpy this time of year.

     Happiness is having the summer solstice BEHIND me and things heading in the right direction, though I won't feel it for a while. It's not fun spending at least 20 minutes each evening getting my light-blocks all in place so I can sleep, but I've been glad to get more ideas on how to make them even better. A blessing as well, with each day I can fall asleep before 10 and stay asleep until at least 4.

     Sunday was the day I turned only one more year to the big one! I got a 12:30 am birthday e-mail from Dawn, a package filled with an inordinate amount of goodies from my priceless aunt, some neat gifts from my parents, and a fantastic dinner at Cracker Barrel with an assortment of Towners and relations--seven of us in all. I ate too much and paid for it with a stomachache, but it was great.
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