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Shouts · of · Joy

Lots of blessings:      Two other wonderful…

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Lots of blessings:

     Two other wonderful things happened on my birthday that were not part of the celebration. I got unstuck with my short story 'Fritillary,' and the news from my dad that a red heifer had been found in the US. Trying to not get way too excited about that one...

     On Monday I took the 5:00 bus home and the air conditioning was not working. Providentially, I had an ice pack along because I'd brought church windows in to share with my coworkers for my birthday. Very glad as I'd have gotten sick otherwise...and it really was hot in there since 80 degrees felt so 'cool and refreshing' afterward!

     It was a real treat to have a pair of cool nights and a cool day on Wednesday, where it barely reached 70. I took advantage of that to walk over to the river on my lunch break and see the flooding from the huge quanities of rain that have fallen this month. It was quite a sight, as Raspberry Island is half underwater, and Shepherd Road that I use when I have to drive to work has portions underwater as well. At least the Mississippi is supposed to crest today.

     My delphiniums have started blooming, and my evolvulus and lantana are blooming again, hurrah!

     A slow commute home today, and not just because of the accident on southbound 35E. First we noticed there was no traffic at all on the northbound lanes. Then we saw a group of seven police cars go by. And then...lots of cars and limos and buses and cops standing on the overpasses. It was the presidential motorcade!! Let's just say that's the closest the likes of me will ever get to the POTUS, that's for sure!
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On June 27th, 2014 10:34 pm (UTC), brezzydal commented:
Good to hear your flowers are doing so well.
Just awful on the no air conditioning on the bus. How did the church
windows turn out?
Have a good weekend.
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On June 27th, 2014 11:15 pm (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
I'm glad the air conditioning was working the other day I went home at 5.
I could only bring about half of it in since I didn't want to haul in my big cooler, but it went fast. People seemed to like it (but my boss was out sick so she didn't get any).
You too, thanks!

By the way, did you see that Amazon.com has Prime streaming of season 4 of Downton Abbey? I wasn't sure if you've seen that one.