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Recent good stuff:

     I am so glad that I created my Obstinate Pests post a couple months ago, because being able to work in it has been a huge blessing. I've got four more stories on my 'What's cooking...' page now, thanks to that! Between what's listed at 'Obstinate Pests' and 'What's cooking...' I have a good 25 stories and novellas, so I don't have to worry about running out anytime soon, that's for certain!

     On Saturday I got out to the long-anticipated Eagan art festival for my second year. Thankfully it was windy and mostly cloudy, because the humidity was ghastly (dewpoint of 70) and once it hit 80 I couldn't take it. Thankfully, that was as I was just heading out, after having a fabulous time. No huge purchase this time, but a few smaller ones I'm very happy with. I found a pair of glass coasters by the glass artist I discovered a few years back at Red Wing. They reminded me so much of t'DoL's wings I couldn't not buy them! One is at my pc, and the other is coming to work with me. Also got a basket for my downstairs bathroom, which will prod me to kick off the pinecone project I've been stalling on for way too many years. I was delighted to find a artist with polished rock slabs, and got a green one (wish I knew what kind of stone) as well as a piece of lovely white was very hard not to go back on Sunday and try to buy more of the white marble!

     All my work in 'Fritillary' on Sunday had the wonderful side-effect of my brain being full of Triune this morning. I finally figured out where Mountain-Frost comes from, and how Holunn (and probably Tarish as well) make their debut in the novel. Yay!
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