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A couple good things lately:

     I got 'Fritillary' posted up at my Triune books community! Excited about that, because it's my fourth short story for the year, and my first short story for the Triune books, and I've made incredible progress with planning them in the past week. Nice to finally have a story up there too, along with the essays, blurbs, comics, maps, etc.

     There's been some drama in my itty bitty deck garden lately, with the discovery on Wednesday that a small horde of Japanese beetles were devouring my spiderwort. Every batch I carted off was replaced by another to just continue their orgy of pigging out, mating, and leaving poop all over the remains of the poor plant. Very glad for the internet to read up on my new foe, and that I had some old Neem oil leftover from the summer with the grasshopper plague. Got some sprayed Friday, and they've left the plant alone since then...hopefully it will last, but I'm glad it was still strong enough despite being old, since it's around 12 dollars for 8 ounces! (In fact, it's rather nice it's old, as I can barely smell it, but the beetles certainly can, and I havne't forgotten how it reeked the last time I used it.)

     A two-day mini 'heat wave' was the excuse I needed to make my first batch of emerald soup for the summer. Yum! I will certainly enjoy it when I get home after the scorcher today. Can't forget--thank God for central air!!!
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