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Today I am grateful to be doing better than yesterday.

     I am enjoying seeing a few catalpa trees in full bloom on my walk this week. I love their giant leaves and their unique, delicate flowers.

     I am grateful for the weather--yesterday there was actually a day with a good bit of sunshine and no rain! But best of all, I'm glad that it's June 6 and the heat of summer has not yet descended in force. More like the way things used to be before the last few years.

     Also today I found some good websites on depression. Always comforting to hear the words of others that have survived the same valley of shadow that I'm in.

     And I was delighted to have a FictionPress writer drop by and leave comments on ALL my gift dialogues! What a pleasant surprise!

     Most of all, I'm grateful for good books. They are a temporary but invaluable escape from the misery of existence. This evening I finished The Sign of Four (Dr Watson in love, ewww) to bring myself to 60 for the year.
Tags: books, flowers, gift dialogues
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