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This weekend should have a big yellow smiley-face stuck to it:

     First the little stuff. Work was very quiet for a couple days, side-effect being I made immense progress on a reference spreadsheet I'm doing for my Geren book revisions and Triune novels. Eleven nations and twenty-two columns of information, of which only two are left to complete!

     There's sweet corn in the Farmer's Market now, NOM NOM NOM. Sure the ears are a little puny, but they still taste great!

     This weekend brought my first visit to the Uptown Art Fair. I tend to avoid anything that involves getting near the city of Minneapolis, but this was the one art fair the bronze artist I discovered in May was coming back to my state for. Ironic that I did not buy anything of hers this time around, but if it wasn't for her, I would never have gone.

     Since there are three significant art shows going on during the same weekend, I was thrilled to find out about the free transportation. That was a treat, not only because I got to avoid the insane congestion (from almost 400,000 people in three days!) but also because it meant I got to ride the light rail for the first time in my state. Very nice!

     The art fair itself was amazing. I'm used to seeing artists from my state and those adjacent, but this one had them from half the country! Really high caliber work--some of these artists with four-figure pieces were way beyond anything my puny budget could attain, but just gaping my way through their displays felt like receiving a tremendous gift.

     It was so big that even though I skipped nearly every jewelry display, of which there were many, it still took me two hours to look at everything! I was thrilled to find a ceramic artist who does crystalline glaze, like the two plates I got out in Virginia, so now I have a lovely vase to go with them. (Alas, he is from Indiana so I might not find him again easily.)

     But what makes the day unforgettable for me was that I found a fired clay sculpture to remind me of t'DoL!! The moment anything like that happens, I promptly lose my mind and even the slightest regard for solvency, so I'm glad it was two figures rather than three. This artist has no internet presence, I have pretty much no chance of finding him again except by going to this air fair next year, and I feel so tremendously blessed with this new treasure. Thank you, God!
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