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A nice long weekend:

     Last Thursday was when the huge outlet mall with 111 stores (not including food) opened less than two miles from where I live. So on Friday night I walked over to join the madness. I didn't buy anything that night except some cookies and an insanely delicious cheesecake brownie, but I was back Sunday, since one of the kitchen stores had a bunch of marble stuff to do with my dining room, and I didn't want to drag it all home afoot. Also fell in love with a pair of grey jean capris, which I was able to order online through the store and use their opening weekend 40% off coupon, since the only pair in the store in my size was stained. Very nice, and I am looking forward to going back for kitchen stuff and sporting goods and clothes, etc, once the initial chaos wears off.

     Saturday was a nice quiet day at home, in which I made my second Triune avatar, this one of Historian Hilome. My aunt called since she got the little package I sent her, and it was great to hear how well she is doing. (Also got a lovely thank-you note that shows her gorgeous handwritten hasn't suffered at all.)

     Sunday was the day I went to the "Art Crawl Through the Gardens" at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, which combined seeing the gardens, free admission for members to the butterfly house, and an art show with fourty booths spread out over a mile or so of walking. I'd picked Sunday because it was supposed to be cooler and drier and cloudier. Well, it was cooler and cloudier, but at the price of crazy humidity, and then rain. I brought my stick umbrella because I didn't like what I saw on the radar, and then dragged it around for two hours rather regretting it...and then the storm came in. So that paid off big time--people were hiding under trees, umbrellas, or in the poor artists' booths. Got rained on even more and used the umbrella again for my return to the outlet mall afterward, so I'm grateful today's forecasted storms haven't hit yet, since my garden looks a wreck. So while I didn't buy all that much, it certainly was a memorable art fair!

     The nice part about all the rain--rainbows! Saw a faint one after 8 last night as the sun was just setting, then was blown away by a lovely big one in the morning when I went out to check on the sodden remains of my garden. I haven't seen a morning rainbow in a very long time--marvellous!
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