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Hurrah for a payday Friday! And another three-day weekend to boot.

     So a couple weeks back I had the crazy idea to wonder what Hu-Harek would look like in avarii form, since I know she's done it. That ended up turning into a piece of comic art for my Triune community that I spent a bit of time on over last weekend. I'm very glad I did it, time-sink or no, as it was the motivation to get better wing-plumage made for Night-Wind and Mountain-Frost. Now they'll be ready for future projects...AND I know what Hu-Harek looks like in avarii form!

     Got a real treat on Wednesday--a surprise free lunch from the department supervisors for me and for my manager, as thanks for the help we've been of late. Jodi was too busy and just asked for Chicago popcorn. I asked for lunch at La Loma, since I haven't had their sweet corn tamales in a while, but Carol did me one better. She sent her recently-retired husband over to a place called Brasa and got us rice and beans, sweet potatoes, chips and a interesting dip, chicken, a veggie sandwich for my dinner...AND FRIED PLAINTAINS!!! To think there's a place that sells fried plantains and I have been living for years in a deplorable poverty of ignorance! Ah, it was awsome. (And since they got Jodi popcorn I got a bag of it too.) I need to find excuses to get over to Grand Ave and get more, that's for certain! The rice and beans/rice and chickpeas weren't bad either.

     The Minnesota State Fair has begun! Very much looking forward to going on Monday, after spending the weekend sheltering in my apartment and thanking God for AIR CONDITIONING!
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