Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

It was nice to have another long weekend. Happy to get another Triune avatar done as well, so three of the four pov characters have one now.

     I took Monday off to go to the State Fair. It has been a nasty muggy streak lately, but I was blessed to have the humidity break while I was there, even if it wasn't as cool as these next few days should be. Made it a lot more bearable and I was able to stay until mid-afternoon before I got too miserable.

     The reason I went Monday was to see the Stock Dog trials, which I haven't gotten to watch for a couple years. It was fun, there was even a German Shepherd in the Novice class, who got 2nd place. I pretty much root for anyone who isn't a Border Collie, as they massively dominate. Ran into the Towners there too, and we sat together for an hour or so.

     Had lots of fun shopping, and also got to enjoy sweet potato fries, deep fried cheese curds, my beloved honey lemonade, and my new favorite that I discovered last year--Island Noodles (soba/buckwheat noodles with lots a veggies in a huge stir-fry). I got a braided rug to go by the kitchen sink that Shado already thinks is his personal scratching item, a green skirt for only $15 I couldn't pass up, a couple tops at my favorite clothing store in the International Bazaar, a glass ball made in Poland that fit my dining room colors so well I couldn't leave it...and the yearly ritual of a pail of Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies for the coworkers.

     It was an Australian theme at the side of the Bazaar where I ate my lunch and I really enjoyed the didgeridoos (American made of agave stalks), wooden flutes, and very peculiar sounds that I knew my mom would not have considered music. ;) So I could take my time and savor it as I haven't gotten to listen to live didgeridoo since I was out in southern California for Kofax training two years ago. A good time overall (attendance was a very nice 137,813) and I am looking forward to getting back out there.

     A treat this morning. First, the sight of a lovely and vivid sunrise, though it was quite brief, amid the first deliciously cool morning in quite some time. Then I got to see a hummingbird actually hit up all my blue salvia blossoms before coming over to the feeder--usually they ignore my flowers completely. While she was still there, another hummingbird came by and got summarily run off. Nice to know at least two know about the feeder!
Tags: avatars, birds: hummingbirds, skyscapes, triune: misc
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