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The good stuff:

     Very glad that the big publish which had been scheduled for Thursday the 28th got delayed, because I have a crazy amount of work that has to get done before the next Kofax publish, and my estimates as to how bad it was last Friday weren't near as bad as it's turned out. Thank God, or it would have been a crazy stressful week with very long workdays. It's still been far from fun, but at least doable!

     I'm glad for the longer nights, which mean I don't have to spend 20+ minutes running around putting up light-blocks each evening, then taking them down in the morning. Now it's just one or two on a worknight; very nice!

     A couple blessings with the Triune novels prep-work this week. First was figuring out that I could use the wonderful Moon Calendar website to calculate moon phase over east Triune/Hu-Harek's home at 6 am (their day starts at 'dawn'). Thankfully, I don't have to get up at some bizarre hour to do this, but use the 'Local Midnight' setting during my Daylight Savings period. Yay!

     My next conundrum was how to deal with the messy transition from Julian to Gregorian calendar back in 1582, because the astronomical/lunar data for my Triune novels falls before that time. I was delighted to discover that the wonderful Moon Calendar website accounted for this with the massively truncated October of 1582, and even more delighted to find a reference site on the internet that provides JULIAN calendar dates for solstices and equinoxes in the time period I need. Thank you, God! I lovses the internet, and I'm so grateful for the people who share this sort of data and build handy programs to serve as a reference. Now I can make a bunch of calendars this weekend, so I'm closer to being ready for the first two novels!
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