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Labor Day weekend delights:

     Saturday I got out to the State Fair for my second time. It was a bit muggy, but at least pretty cloudy and not that hot, which helped. Left around 3:30 because it was so crowded it took forever to get anywhere...only found out afterward that Saturday was the busiest fair day EVER, setting a new record of 252,092. Wow! Before that, I got to enjoy displays of Orchids and Bonsai, watch my favorite 'Last Chance Forever' birds of prey demonstration, listen to South American music by Ecuador Manta, hear a talk about Minnesota fish, and savor some amazing blueberry basil lemonade for my first (and hopefully not last) time.

     A good weekend for art progress--I finally finished my Triune community sidebar image remake, and got myself a lovely wallpaper out of it as well. On top of that, it makes for a fun puzzle-image too!

     I'm especially grateful for my local library this weekend. I've wanted to watch the movie version of Stephen King's The Stand ever since I read it a few years back, but Netflix didn't have it and I'm not keen on buying things I might never watch more than once. But the library had it, so I requested it and watched it over the last three days, as it's 359 minutes long--almost 6 hours. It was a great watch, and I particularly enjoyed the climax/ending more than with the book. Problem is, now I want to move to Boulder Colorado again! ;)

     Best of all, got started on writing my first short story for the autumn. This one from Judge Harai's point of view: 'Alliance.'
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