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It was a crazy, overly-busy workweek, and I'm glad to reach the end of it.

     Delighted to find out that the Minnesota State Fair set a new overall high attendance record in 2014 - 1,824,830 visitors in all! I'm so happy that the Fair is "faring" well because I want it to keep happening, as long as possible.

     I had to drive into work a couple times this week, and on Wednesday, after seeing bits of a fabulous sunrise, I was regalled by a very dramatic and beautiful skyscape, then stunned to look west and see the vivid end of a rainbow at the horizon. It was like a pillar of colorful fire; simply amazing.

     The church group I'm currently in meets on Thursdays rather than Wednesdays, which is why when Rob asked me to join his bowling team last month, I didn't have a good excuse to say no anymore. So this Wednesday was my first time bowling, ever. (Rob doesn't assemble his team to win, but to have fun/get to know people.) Please laff at my wonderful first three bowling scores: 32, 87, and 53. I doubt they'll be going up all that much!

     So yesterday was pretty rotten with trying to do half the BD & Annuity transition to P8, and this morning was even more fun, because we had to be at work at 5 am. (Made for a wonderfully quiet commute, however!) All sorts of things went wrong, large and small, but I am so glad to have it DONE. Also very grateful for a final three-day weekend. After being out late three nights and up way too early this morning, I sure need it!
Tags: bowling, job: work, rainbows, skyscapes
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