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Another nice three-day weekend:

     My boss let me leave work early Friday, so I took the opportunity to stop by Braza and get myself some fried plantains to enjoy that evening and Saturday. NOM NOM NOM!

     On Saturday I drove down to Northfield for the Defeat of Jesse James Days. The weather was perfect: in the lowers 70s and much cooler in the morning. I'd come because there was a craft sale, a craft and art fair, and another art fair all going on at the same time! That was a lot of fun, and I wound up getting another (big) slab of lovely green stone from the guy I'd discovered at the Eagan art fair, and the whole reason I found out about this weekend. I also got to see a re-enactment of the attempted bank robbery gone sour back in 1876, which was the beginning of the end for the Jesse James gang.

     Happy to make a bunch of progress with naming and detailing Triune characters lately. Over the last couple days I was able to get four added to my Characters Guide at my Triune community, including 'mugshots.' That felt great, as the last time I'd added someone there was five years ago!

     Made some nice progress writing 'Alliance,' working on the animated avatar for the last Triune pov character, and also got Shado over to the vet, where he had a very good bill of health.
Tags: alliance, art, art show, avatars, brasa, pets: shado, triune: misc
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