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A pretty nice weekend, though I need to get used to two-day weekends again, I've gotten so spoiled with the last four three-day ones!

     Some blessings with bird sightings lately. Seen two bald eagles in the past week, spotted an Osprey in the 'eagle tree' on the way to church Sunday, and was thrilled to have a red-tailed hawk fly right overhead and perch in a nearby tree while waiting for the bus one morning. Neat!

     Friday night I finished up my Tarish avatar at last, which means I now have animated icons for each of my four Triune pov characters.

     On Saturday I got out to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for the first time in two years. It was lower 40's to start with, and a cool day, so I was lazy and didn't go in costume. Appalling to find that most of the parking area had been turned into a hideous pit mine, but the sign I spotted on the long walk to the entrance made up for it: "Where's Treebeard when you really need him?"

     It was a nice day, and I was delighted to get my customary spinach pie, also cheese curds and baclava later on, yum! Oogled the shops and got some pottery, but this time I spent more time watching the shows--Morris Dancers, Belly Dance, Scottish Dancers, as well as some more acrobatic sorts of shows (juggling torches, throwing axes, dancing with fire, etc). Also got to watch a neat demonstration of casting pewter.

     The other high point of the weekend was making good progress with writing 'Alliance' especially Sunday morning, so that I was able to finish it Sunday night. It was great to spend time with Harai and get down a little of what it's like to be a hyarmi border-watcher. Nice to actually be 'ahead' of schedule for autumn stories, too!
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