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Mid-week delights:

     Thanks for God's mercy and my mom's prayers, the beginning of the work week ended up being not nearly as bad as I was fearing on Friday. Got through almost everything I had dumped on me at the last minute, and the publish Tuesday night ended up not taking much time for me at all. What a relief!

     So grateful for a website called TurboSquid, where I've been able to get free or cheap 3d models that have helped me out on a bunch of art projects over the years. This week, it's a free log that I was able to cut away on one side to make Harai's shelter in 'Alliance.' In the past I got a helmet for my Tarish avatar, cheap seashells for my 'On the Seashore' 2014 calendar image, a free Smallmouth Seabass to impersonate a freshwater Largemouth Bass in my 'On the Water' illustration, a cheap woven storage basket that Tamaresh uses in 'Twilit Wind,' a great model of the earth that t'DoL holds in my t'DoL video project, and a free scale pattern that was critical to my making my Shado figure, among many many others. I was amazed last week to find that somebody is selling a model of the skull and antlers of an Irish Elk...though I fear I will never have $49 I can just throw away in order to do art of the Lord of Forests. But oh, I'd love to! Wonderful place, and what a blessing!

     I've had a search set up on eBay over I-don't-want-to-know-how-many-years looking for a hardback copy of The Snow Filly by Elyne Mitchell. I have the story in paperback under a different title, but it was the hardback under the 'Snow Filly' title that I discovered as a 5th grader and had such a big positive impact on my preteen years. Of course, after years of nothing, my search would come up with something while I was on vacation this last June, when I didn't have much money. So I didn't win that auction...but more copies have shown up since. One really horribly beat up one I wouldn't touch, and there's a pristine one out there for $85 that's a bit steep. Until last week, when another fairly nice copy started at only $9.99. Well, last night I won that auction! (And at a much better price than $85.) So looking forward to having that book show up in the mail! And wishing I could show my 12-year-old self that I finally got it, after seeking it in vain for so many years. Thank you, God!
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