Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

Recent delights:

     The walk home Tuesday from where I get off the bus was amazing. First there was this bald eagle, just alternating flapping and gliding, in no particular hurry to get anywhere, probably 200 feet up and meandering along right over the path I was on, turning a big circle, heading on southward. That makes a big highlight for any short walk, but then I was amazed to have a falcon fly right across in front of me as I was getting close to home. I'm not very good with raptors--it was probably a male merlin, and possibly a peregrine falcon. Just neat!

     On Wednesday my department did the CLU transition to P8, which was the very last business area to switch their ingestion. So P8 is finally finally done, at least for my area. I've been working on it nearly a year now, so it doesn't seem quite real yet. But it is DONE.

     Got myself some fresh soybeans/edamame at the Farmer's Market, which were fun to try out, as I've only bought it frozen before. Also got the gift of a bag of three-way popcorn from Dawn, for helping her out with a home tech issue. That was very kind of her, and I certainly enjoyed it!

     Very happy to finish my illustration for 'Alliance' and with how it came out--I'll get to enjoy it as an autumn-themed wallpaper at home and work over the next few weeks. Best of all, I finished with the story editing too, and got it added over at my Portal Page. Hurrah for an autumn story in autumn!
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