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Despite it being nasty warm as if it were August, I had a pretty nice weekend:

     Got to all sorts of places on Saturday. Stopped at Hobby Lobby to order a custom frame on my way over to Hudson for the Spirit of the St Croix art fair--my second time there. It was gorgeous there, though the fall color isn't very advanced yet. I got a beautiful pen, but amusingly enough, what blew me away was the lemonade. The sign said 'fresh-squeezed' but these folks really meant it--she cut the lemon in half in front of me, put it in a juicer, added water and ice--and it was the best lemonade I've tasted in a long time!

     On my way back took the long way around so I could stop by Brasa to grab some wonderful black beans with yellow rice and FRIED PLANTAINS, whoo! Since I was on Grand, I also stopped at Penseys Spices and ended up getting more than I planned. Saw their bags of bay leaves and immediately thought of my mom. =) Have you used all your horde up yet?

     Got out for a walk before church Sunday at the regional park. It was a lovely morning, and I got some photos, though the height of autumn is still some weeks off. Hopefully I can get back when things are more vivid. Regardless, it was a very nice walk.

     Sunday also brought my first time cooking and eating black rice that I got from Trader Joe's. Pretty nice--presumably quite nutritious, and also funny how it dyes everything purple!

     Later that day got a call from my wonderful aunt, who finished reading 'TFE' and really enjoyed 'Fritillary' and is looking forward to more of my novels. What a blessing to have her in my life!

     Last but not least, got started on another short story, this one just for fun: 'Happy Birthday, Defender!'
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