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Today was a nice payday Friday.

     I had some visits to my Portal Page--thanks Reythia and Pantha!

     I got my quarterly reports done and e-mailed in six days before the due date. *struts about*

     Sunshine and not a drop of rain all day--and they're saying the same for tomorrow. That's great. My evoluvulus that's suffering from being waterlogged just might survive!

     Did I mention it was payday?

     And I was taken out to lunch as an early birthday gift by two of my coworkers. We went to the Gopher Bar and had Coney Islands and fries. Actually, one coworker asked about the soup of the day first, and the waitress (straight-faced) said it was 'Weiner Water Soup.' We had a good laugh over that--apparently they only serve real soup in the winter!
Tags: flowers, job: coworkers, job: work
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