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Lots of good stuff lately:

     Crazy Minnesota--last weekend it was 80s, and this weekend there was snow to the north of the cities Friday night. I am certainly enjoying the cool down, especially for sleeping!

     Lesson learned over the last month: never try to make seven year's worth of lunar calendars at the same time. That was 84 months total that I have been sporadically plugging away at as prep-work for my Triune novels, and it has been far from fun. I was finally bearing down on the finish line last night, then realized that because I don't have Photoshop (just Photoshop Elements) I would have to copy out each of those 84 images separately. So what a relief that at least I DIDN'T have to import those images separately into Word, and that the framework for those first seven years is finally DONE. Another bright side--I won't need to make any more Triune lunar calendars until I hit the epilogue of the second book, God willing.

     Got to see my old boss Bill twice this week--we finally connected to go to the Farmer's Market together on Tuesday, and then on Friday I had lunch out with him and Dawn. We went to Hunan Garden (first time there for me and Bill) and had the lunch buffet. It was fabulous, and a wonderful time catching up as well. Can't forget the message from God in my fortune cookie! =)

     I'm getting increasingly fond of the Farmer's Market in the neighboring suburb on Saturday mornings. Today I was able to get some locally produced honey, which will be delicious for making granola and corn bread.

     Cold weather is cooking weather! Today for lunch I had beets roasted in the oven with the greens wilted on the side (fantastic!). Dinner was even better--months past I found a recipe for black bean soup in a magazine put out by my car insurance! Today I got to try it out, and also made corn bread with a recipe I found that has no eggs required (YAY!). both came out quite nicely, and now I get to enjoy the leftovers, for days.
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