Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
Joelle Duran

A nice three-day weekend:

     Saturday was wonderful. I headed out pretty early to go to the Red Wing art festival (my fourth year going). I was hoping for scenic views heading south on the Wisconsin side of the river, but what I got instead of autumn color was amazing fog. It was gorgeous, and strange to drive right across the bridge to Red Wing and not see the water. I had a great time at the festival, went to Pepin Heights apple orchard by Lake City afterward and also enjoyed a hike at Frontenac State Park, and took lots of photos, though peak color is still probably a week away down there. The views on the Wisconsin side on the way back were a real treat, and I got to see three bluebirds and four bald eagles.

     Another brag on my wonderful library system--this weekend I got out the first season of Elementary and spent lots of time binging on episodes. It's been fun since I haven't watched much of anything lately.

     Also fun to hang up the art I purchased Saturday, to enjoy the wonderful Apple Cider from Pepin Heights, and the big bag of cheese popcorn I got at the art fair (fast becoming a tradition of mine).

     Monday was my day off, which included a platelet donation (whether it's the end of summer or the different iron supplements I'm trying, thank God for better iron levels!). Also had a long phone call with my dad, more episodes to watch, and a little writing too.
Tags: art show, birds: bluebirds, birds: eagles, donations, library, movies, popcorn, walking
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