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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      Wrapped up the United…

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Recent delights:

     Wrapped up the United Way fundraisers Friday with a fabulous taco salad bar which made for a great lunch. In the evening I had dinner at the Towners, got to see their neat new shed, and was also able to squeeze in a quick walk at Tamarack Nature Preserve beforehand, though I didn't have enough time to get out to the 'cathedral of oaks' that inspired the hyarmi sacred place in my mind, decades ago.

     Saturday's outing to Nerstrand Big Woods State Park was a disappointment, between the cloud bank overhead and the wind having torn most of the leaves down. But taking a long walk at Lebanon Hills Sunday morning made up for it--got some nice photos and added a few to my autumn photos post on my misc LJ.

     My least-favorite day is fast approaching, so signing off the internet until sometime in wonderful November. Looking forward to writing, editing, and art/craft project work, with fewer distractions!
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