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Shouts · of · Joy

The weekend went way too fast, but it was productive:…

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The weekend went way too fast, but it was productive:

     Saturday morning I was able to get window insulation plastic up on my living room window and the patio door in the dining room. Never imagined I'd do it so early in the winter...but it's already making a difference, and good thing it's up, since now they have near-zero temps in the forecast, with wind chills well below that!

     On Saturday afternoon I walked to the movie theater through the light snowfall to see 'Big Hero 6.' Really enjoyed the movie, but I also got treated with a free small bag of popcorn (movie theatre points), and was blown away by the short that played before the movie. 'Feast' was just as delightful as any Pixar short I've seen, though I'm biased because I like dogs...

     I also did the final editing runs done on 'Happy Birthday' so I can get it up in a few days. I had far too much fun with the verbal edit, especially acting out poor reclusive Hurr, whom I love to drag into a story whenever I can get away with it. On top of that, I made a huge amount of progress with 'Embers Fade,' and was able to finish it up late Sunday night. Because I haven't worked on writing any novels this year, just seven short stories, my YTD word totals are truly abysmal, but at least this weekend's progress got them past the 40k mark!

     Today makes 21.75 years since I first 'met' t'DoL, and three days to his birthday, yay!
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