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Friday at work was awful, but Friday not-at-work was fabulous.

     Got off two hours early, the Towners picked me up, and we headed down to the Minnesota Zoo IMAX theater to see Interstellar (they had coupons they needed to use). I enjoyed it even more the second time, on that massive 6-floor screen--just wow! Then afterward we had dinner at Cracker Barrel--a very fun evening.

     On Saturday I got my new desk set up in the guest bedroom, then moved my pc Tertius up there, as it has gotten way too cold in the basement. Nice to have just one staircase between the pc and the kitchen, rather than three of them.

     Horribly delayed, but I FINALLY got started on the art project for my 2015 single-page calendar. Now I just need to cram it in before my trip, but at least it's well underway!
Tags: art, cracker barrel, movies
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