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     On Wednesday, Dawn and I got together for lunch with our old boss Bill. As usual, it was a great time, and very fun to hear what's going on with him.

     Thursday brought another blessed Thanksgiving Day at the Towner's (whom I shocked by picking a Thanksgiving verse from the New Testament unlike most years). There were seven of us, and I got schooled in playing the Wii by Scarlett.

     I had to order the Interstellar soundtrack after seeing the movie my second time, and I have been massively enjoying listening to it while at work--in no small part due to my weakness for some huge pipe organ portions. Not too many movie soundtracks with that!

     My physical health hasn't been faring the best of late (because I am aging klutz), so I was delighted to have my iron level high enough and succeed with a platelet donation Saturday morning. Swung by Trader Joe's afterward and that was a treat as well--usually it's insanely mobbed on Saturdays anytime after 8:30, but a lot of people must still have too much leftover food around...everything I wanted to get was there!
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