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Recent treats:

     Got a simply wonderful care package from my mom after Thanksgiving. I have been hugely enjoying the homemade pumpkin bread she sent, as well as the candy and comics and nut mix too!

     Wednesday morning I finished the last of my homemade granola. Not happy to be out, but happy that increasing the recipe volume by 50% meant it lasted me nearly two months this time. Definitely a winner!

     Been having fun with a pair of tv series lately--thanks to my Amazon Prime account, I've been streaming episodes of 'Extant,' while with 'Netflix' I've gotten the first two discs for 'Agents of SHIELD.' I could get spoiled like this... ;)

     Things are going decently enough at work that I decided to use up some of my remaining time by taking a half-day on Friday. That will be a treat!

     After some setbacks, my art project is finally into the last lap! Hopefully the last renders will be done within a week...
Tags: art, homemade granola, mail, movies
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