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Trying to get use to five-day workweeks again...

     I'm thanking God for good health thus far this winter, since my boss and others have gotten quite sick. I haven't missed a day of work for health reasons since January 2011, knock on wood!

     Also a wonderful treat to have gas prices running around $1.90/gallon. I keep wanting to pinch myself!

     It has been a fun week for the cold--never got above 0 yesterday, and around -5 to -10 in the mornings. Lots of bundling up, with long socks, leg-warmers, thermal underwear, an extra shirt under my top, fingergless gloves under my big bulky mittons, and my heating pad hanging in a bag against my stomach. Then lumbering around like a musk-ox, and having to take it all off when I get to work. All that, and still not as cold as it was a year ago!

     I've finally gotten underway with my second pass through the first Geren book. This is the one that will be slowest, since I'll be doing the most rewriting/removing/adding of scenes. So good to be moving, now I just have to balance that against short story writing...
Tags: book 1: editing, gas
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