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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      In reading about the…

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Recent delights:

     In reading about the community water park only 3 miles from where I live, I was delighted to learn that it is used as a water fitness center in the early mornings during the summer months. Thanks to the wonderful swimsuit I had made for me on Etsy before my Florida trip, swimming is now an option for me again. Now I just have to come up with the cash for a resident season pass, and I'll have a great outlet for exercise during the summer when it's too hot to enjoy long walks but I'd rather be outside than on my exercise bike. What a blessing!

     Two joys in one--got to savor the final episodes of season 1 of 'Agents of SHIELD' thanks to my local library, AND that time also served for pedaling 15 of the 30 miles I did on my exercise bike this weekend. Bye-bye, Florida weight gain!

     So it took longer than usual because I had to shell 3 cups worth of walnuts first, but I did succeed in making another wonderful batch of homemade granola that I hope to enjoy into March. (As long as I stick by my rules: no granola for dessert, no granola for dinner, no granola for lunch!)

     It's slow, but it feels like I am finally gaining momentum with book 1 rewrites and with my Tarish short story as well. Took a couple weeks, but I finally made it into chapter 2 of my first Geren book!

     Related to that, a great quote in my calendar for today, by John Ruskin: The weakest among us has a gift, however seemingly trivial, which is peculiar to him, and which, worthily used, will be a gift also to his race. Thank you, God, SO MUCH, for the gift you have given me!
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On January 20th, 2015 09:54 pm (UTC), brezzydal commented:
water park
That is great news on the community water park. And you will be able to use your neat swimsuit. Swimming is such great way to get excersise.

Great on getting the weight down. I have not even started yet.
Enjoy your granola.
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On January 21st, 2015 01:36 am (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
Re: water park
Yes, I'm excited to have another outlet. One of the exercise options is walking against the current on their lazy river, and they do aerobics classes as well. A blessing to have it so close--it is right behind the library.

It's delicious, thanks!