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Shouts · of · Joy

Blessings:      Wonderful weather for the…

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     Wonderful weather for the Minnesota March for Life on the 42nd anniversary of the most evil day in American history. This year there were blue skies, sunshine, temps I think around 20, all a far cry from -20 windchills last year, 0 in 2013, freezing drizzle in 2012. And that made for a fabulous turnout.

     Grateful for the hand-warmers my wonderful manager gave me for Christmas, undoubtedly with this day in mind. My hands and feet were toasty the entire time!

     Today I have to do some work from home--five of us are doing some testing that can't be done during business hours. But that is a good reason to remember and be grateful over how fewer hours I've worked this winter compared to the last two! And this is the first Saturday in quite a while, thank God! More time for things that actually matter. =)
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