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The weekend went too quickly, but it was productive:

     On Saturday I did some writing in 'Unpaid Leave' in the morning and evening and was able to finish the story, though of course it needs editing. Feels great, not only to have my first story done for 2015, but also because that makes number three for Triune prework stories, and I've only got one left to write, whoo-hoo! (Currently planning to start on that in March.)

     On Sunday afternoon I finally got over to the movie theater to see Selma, and I'm very glad I did. Also a bit shocked to realize MLK was killed at the age of 39, boy am I starting to feel old!

     Now that I'm getting closer to kicking off the first Triune novel, I realized that I'm going to have fun with the acronyms. The first book is DWoT, the second book is TDoT, and the third book is TRoT. So the last two will be especially entertaining, because my fingers will undoubtedly type tDoL when I mean to type TDoT, and 'TRoT' is just hilarious!

     Also delighted to realize that my other favorite quote by Amiel will be perfect as the theme quote for the second Triune novel. What a blessing!
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