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Shouts · of · Joy

A pretty nice workweek overall:      On…

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A pretty nice workweek overall:

     On Wednesday, had lunch at Da Vinci's with Dawn and Bill and a coworker of Bill's. It was a good time--the pasta bar was as fabulous as ever, and my leftovers made for a great meal on Thursday night. It's been too long since I feasted there.

     Got a pleasant surprise in my mailbox this week--a card from my favorite non-profit thanking me for 20 years of support. How kind of them to notice!

     A treat to have a week with no evening commitments. That meant I got to work at revisions in Geren book 1 every night. Currently most of the way through chapter 3, which feels great since the first two chapters were a huge amount of work. It's nice to not have to divide my time between writing and editing--hopefully I can make the most of it in February.
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