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     Thankful that the sore throat incidents early last week didn't lead to anything worse.

     I had to drive to work a couple days last week because of bowling and the monthly publish. Glad that though it was messy from snow Wednesday, and -6 on Thursday, the roads were not too bad. My new tires are a real blessing.

     I tore a hole in one of my gloves one morning. Which wouldn't seem like something to be grateful for, but it's a treat to have a pair of gloves for nearly two winters and NOT lose one! Also very grateful that I still have both of my big warm wool mittens that I got at an art fair in 2013.

     Can't forget to mention the huge blessing of the low gas prices lately. I've been able to use the extra money in my gas budget for some dvds, books, and music, which is quite a treat!

     I'm exhausted, and it's been quite grueling, but I've made it to chapter 6 with my first Geren book revisions. Things should start getting at least a little bit easier...I hope!
Tags: book 1: editing, gas
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