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Shouts · of · Joy

A fun and busy weekend:      On Saturday I…

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A fun and busy weekend:

     On Saturday I got out to the Minnesota Arboretum for my first time this year. Very happy that my favorite route is open again, and they're building a new, higher bridge where 101 crosses the Minnesota River, since the old one got flooded out so often in the past decades. At the arboretum they had a fundraiser sale where I got a sachet of delicious-smelling lemon verbena for my closet, and a local Farmer's Market where I got some jelly: lavender jelly that reminds me of Washington, and also some blackberry merlot jelly. I also enjoyed a 'green fix' by wandering through their small greenhouse which was brimming with beautiful blooming orchids (got some photos). They had some nice photographs for sale by local photographers, and a sculpture contest as well. My favorite sculptures were $3,000 and up, but at least I could take pictures! On the way back home I stopped at a nursery called 'The Mustard Seed' which had caught my eye before, and after I went in I found it certainly was owned by a Christian. Looking forward to getting back over there once gardening season is underway. When I walked out the door, I was delighted to see a bald eagle flying around (and got a bad blurry photo once I remembered to run for the camera in my car). Saw two more on the drive home after that, which made me think I might not see any on Sunday...

     On Sunday I headed out early (felt even earlier with Daylight Savings kicking in) to drive down south. Stopped at Frontenac State Park and walked for 80 minutes--only around 3.5 miles, but since it was all across snow with parts glazed with ice, it felt like a much harder workout. Only saw two deer, but it was a beautiful morning and I had the entire park to myself!

     From there I drove down to Wabasha, where for the first time ever I actually paid to go INSIDE the National Eagle Center. Very nice exhibits, very kid-friendly. The reason I paid was because I wanted to see the special show called "Birds around the World" by The Birdman of Las Vegas. He had a lot of great birds, but the ones I enjoyed the most were the Bataleur Eagle and the Andean Condor, flying (and sliding on the slick wooden floor) around--the Condor was a huge heavy load on the poor man's arm! And those wings felt like half-size avarii wings to me, with a massive wingspan over 10 feet!

     On Sunday I actually got to see twelve bald eagles, though the first one was the best, seen as I was driving down 61 south of Lake City. It looked like an eagle with the tail of a pheasant because it was carrying some big dried pine branch, undoubtedly for adding to a nest. The others were mostly in pairs and further away, though it was fun to see three sitting in trees as I crossed the Mississippi to the Wisconsin side by Nelson. They had a count at the Eagle Center, and there were actually not that many left in the Wabasha area itself, so I was blessed.

     Last but not least, got stuck with editing progress because I realized I need a new scene, but the timing was good, because while I'm pondering that, I can work on writing 'Renegade.' So the last Triune prep-story is underway!
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On March 11th, 2015 11:08 pm (UTC), brezzydal commented:
Sounds like you had a great weekend. The visit to the Eagle Center sounds
fun and interesting. Where did you put the photos?
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On March 12th, 2015 10:48 am (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
It's a very neat place! I did not take any photos on Sunday, just Saturday. Do you want me to e-mail you the orchid ones?