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Lots happening of late:

     Saturday I got out to see Cinderella, which was a beautiful and enjoyable watch--and since I walked to the movie theater and took a roundabout way home, also got in a 4.5 mile walk.

     As Friday was the first day of spring, I hung my spring wreath on the door, and on Saturday got my new deck furniture assembled and put out...just in time for the first snowstorm in a long time on Sunday, ha ha! It was a very odd one too, as there was just 3.5 inches where I live, but 7 miles to the west they had 7 inches, and 13 miles south they got 9.5 inches!

     Sunday was my first time trying a hand at the lentil soup recipe my mom uses. I made a couple changes, but I'm pretty pleased with how it came out!

     On Monday I got out to a Fathom Events showing for my first time--a 7:30 showing of Four Blood Moons at the nearby theater. I arrived 15 minutes early with the ticket I'd bought Saturday, only to be amazed they had increased it to two screens and mine was packed out--had to sit way in front on the side! Such a good and passionate turnout was a joy; I felt like one of Peretti's 'Remnant.' I am very glad I went--the docudrama was decent, but my favorite part was the panel discussion after the credits.

     Tuesday night I got out to the Towners for a great meal and good time with them. Got to show them my Idaho trip plans, and thankfully the snow didn't start pouring down until I was more than halfway home.

     Grateful to God for my progress with Geren book 1 rewrites. Despite being gone most of Monday evening, I was blessed with amazing progress that day, and also had a very good night on Wednesday.
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