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Lots of delights lately:

     On my day off Tuesday, I went for a walk at the regional park, and got to enjoy a new windbreaker that I got entirely with Amazon credit card points. Also delighted to get good views of two muskrats in two separate ponds.

     It has been fantastic how the morning birdsong has swelled: robins, cardinals, chickadees, now being joined by finches, bluejays, and the happy racket of the geese and ducks.

     This week at work was different, because I spent it doing the certification training for KTM 6.0 via computer training (rather than a fun trip to LA). I'm glad I got to break it up a little, with my first day last Friday and a single day Monday, before I had to do it straight on Wed-Thurs, finishing Friday morning. I managed to stay awake in the afternoons without any caffeine, and I got a 98% on my certification exam, yay!

     Minnesota pulled an April Fools prank on us residents--the temps spiked up past 80 in places (probably hit 80 where I live, but it was down to 'only' 78 by the time I got home). On top of that, an insane wind. At least things got a bit more normal after the first!

     On Friday I had my yearly PA meeting with my boss. And I got 'Exceeding' (again), wow! That was a nice surprise.

     Saturday morning I crawled out of bed before 5 am so I could get out and watch the 3rd lunar eclipse in the tetrad. This one was 'partial' for my area, because the moon set right around totality, so my expectations were low. Regardless, I camped out in the same parking area as I did a year ago for the first eclipse of the tetrad, and was thrilled with clear skies. Had a great time reading from Four Blood Moons, and also from 'TFE' because the third eclipse of the tetrad is the most significant in the Shado's life, so I had to relive that. It was unlike the others I've seen before, because for me there was no 'blood moon.' By the time the moon dwindled to a crescent, the sky was so bright with the coming of dawn, that the moon seemed to just melt away like a chunk of ice in the ocean of the sky. For the last bit I walked down to a pond and savored the reflection of the eclipse in the water and the ruckus of the birds all around (and spotted my first great blue heron for this year). I really should have brought my camera!

     Upped my ante for Easter weekend. Last year I did a 40 hour fast (the longest 'standard' fast I do). But this year I made it to 48 hours: all of Good Friday and most of Holy Saturday. And now I can EAT, and tomorrow I can celebrate the greatest event in history! Lent will be OVER, and Resurrection Sunday brings happy feasting--and drinking something that is NOT water!
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