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A three-day weekend is a blessed thing:

     Enjoyed watching Ben Hur in several sessions on/after Easter, which added up to 38 miles on my excerise bike because it's such a long movie. And thanks to that, my total for 2015 is now past 500 miles!

     On Friday I drove to work so I could stay in the city for the American Craft Council show at RiverCentre. On Friday after 5 pm admission was only $5, so that was perfect to check it out. It was a good size--some 200+ artists, and there was a lot of really high-end work for sale. Clothing started at $300...even if I could afford it, I'd be too nervous to enjoy wearing it! Overall, the style was very urban/modern, so not really a fit for my tastes or decor, but it was amazing to see the caliber of some of the work. I was starting to think I might 'escape' without buying anything, when in the very last row I came across Mark Himes Wood Turned Art. I've developed an appreciation for nice woodwork ever since shopping for a bowl for t'DoL's birthday years ago, but I heartily detest the color brown, so I can't bring myself to collect any. Until this guy, who dyes some of his pieces in the sort of colors I love. So...I brought home a green plate of exquisite bird's eye maple that has such a neat sheen to it with bird's eyes looking like water droplets. Very happy with it!

     Saturday was the Spring Festival at Canterbury Park, which is also paid admission and comes twice a year (but I didn't get out last fall). An even bigger array of crafters and artists, with a very different 'feel,' as a lot of the work is country/cottage/western-themed (or edible), and quite a bit more affordable as well. I had a good time there and some nice purchases too.

     With all the fun (and expense) of the art fairs, it was a real treat to include a couple free meals, thanks to gift cards from wonderful people. Friday night was Chipotle, and Saturday lunch was Panera (with a brownie to enjoy later). Yum!

     Sunday morning I got out for an hour and a half walk at the regional park. After all the rain of late, things are greening up fast. Got to see my first flycatchers and song sparrows of the season, and a bunch of wood ducks on migration. I'd hoped to see bluebirds at the park and went looking, but no such luck. Instead, I spotted my first bluebird (a lovely bright blue male) sitting on a street sign as I pulled out to drive to church, ha ha!

     Got tomorrow off to run some errands, and the weather has turned so warm that hopefully I can get Shado's enclosure set up and the hummingbird feeder installed. My 'Jack Frost' Brunnera is growing by leaps and bounds and it has lots of flower buds, hurrah!
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