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Been too busy to post...

     Saturday morning I had a wonderful outing, though I don't have the time to describe everything I got to enjoy. I wanted spring ephemerals, and I found a new place to go to that's just a 30 minute drive. Afton State Park is 40 minutes and full of invasive species so I avoid it in the latter spring, while William O'Brien is wonderful, but an hour drive one-way which I can't spare the time for very often. Eau Galle is a favorite place of mine, but even further away. So finding this wonderful section of an NWR in Shakopee and doing a 7 mile walk there on Saturday was a big treat! (And I got to see Dutchman's Breeches blooming! Usually they're gone by the time I get to William O'Brien or Eau Galle. Such funny-looking flowers!)

     Sunday afternoon was occupied with making another big batch of homemade granola, and it is wonderful to have some for breakfast again! Since the weather did a crazy dive from 70s to 40s, it was a good day to have the oven on for cooking.

     Also very grateful for my new windbreaker, as the last few days have been cold and extremely windy, which goes right through my other light jackets when I'm walking to the park and ride.

     Been trying to work on pass 3 through my first Geren book every spare moment I have, so I have to mention the blessing of finding more bus options. If I ride the northern bus, I can sit in back where there's more space (I have to sit in the front of my crammed regular bus since I get off before the first main stop) and that means I can edit, though I have a .75 mile walk back and I get home later. The morning bus has often been empty enough in back for editing as well, and I can squeeze a little in over part of my lunch break too. So glad for that extra flexibility!
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