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     As Friday was payday (yay!) I finally got over to the Afro Deli that opened nearby and tried it out. They serve a lot of Mediterranian and African food cooked halal. It was a great experience--not only did I thoroughly enjoy the falafel sandwich I ordered and decide that falafel needs to be a bigger part of my life...but they had fried sweet plantains!!! I can get fried sweet plantains without having to drive somewhere!!! Needless to say, I will be a repeat customer this summer. A lot. (They have baklava too, and might start offering smoothies. I should just give them my bank account number...)

     Saturday morning I got back out to the NWR in Shakopee and did an 8 mile walk this time along a mostly different route. Not as many birds to be seen, but I made some progress on my ballad (been learning to type lines onto my cell phone at my whopping 4 wpm texting speed), got to enjoy the first wild phlox, and walked along portions of trails so thick with buttercups I felt guilty putting my feet down anywhere! Also happy to find gas nearby 10 cents cheaper than anywhere around my home.

     My 'Jack Frost' Brunnera has been blooming up a storm! (But now that it's hit crazy 80s it will probably be done soon.)

     Due to summer heat rolling in, this weekend entailed getting my pc moved into the basement, and a big laundry binge as I drag out the summer clothes. I also got some black-out curtain liners at Home Depot that I hope will help with my light-block strategy. It would be great to come up with something that works for the shortest nights of the year, but doesn't take 20-25 mintes to set up each evening!

     Had a couple thunderstorms rumble through later on today, and the second one brought a partial rainbow in its wake. Just lovely timing, since my pass three review of Geren book 1 had just brought me to the rainbow before the Council meeting!
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