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Things have been crazy busy lately, but I think I am over the hump!

     Got my car in for maintenance on Wednesday, and aside from needing spark plugs and an oil change, I was very happy to get a good report. My car is old enough to drive itself around, and God willing, I would love to see it reach voting age!

     I have been very blessed with the weather lately, since my plans have been in place for a while, tied to events that can't be rescheduled. Also grateful for a garage. It was rainy Wednesday and pouring Thursday, I took the option of skipping my walk and driving to the park and ride instead, then escaping being drenched by having a wonderful garage I can pull right into!

     On Friday I took a day off work so I could do the Friend School Plant Sale since I wouldn't be able to on Saturday. I thought showing up at 7 to get a ticket when the sale started at 9 was early enough...but I wound up in group 5 and found out the earliest folks were standing in line at 5 am! It still worked out great, since nothing I wanted was sold out when I got in at 9:40, and then I could use the rest of the morning to get over to some other nurseries that aren't close to where I live, stop by Hobby Lobby and Gertens, grab a late lunch with my wonderful Panera gift card, and even squeeze in some planting in the afternoon.

     Saturday was the super crazy day I'd been anticipating for a while, and the reason I had my car checked out. I was out the door at 5:17 am (only 2 minutes late!) to head over to Eau Galle in Wisconsin, since that wonderful place opens at 6. I got there around 6:30 and stayed until after 8:30. It was fabulous and gorgeous and I was blessed to have come at the perfect time for the trilliums. From there I was off to Baraboo for the "Fair in the Square" which I got to at noon. Had lunch, looked around, and was delighted to buy two pieces from the artist who was the reason I came, after discovering her in Red Wing last fall. (Most of her shows are in Illinois or western Wisconsin, too far for a day trip.) One of the pieces came from a speakeasy owned by Al Capone! From there took a southerly route back to Minnesota that passed through La Crosse, where I had fun at a store I learned about in a brochure at a rest stop, called Treehouse Gift and Home. Then it was time to stop throwing money around--my last stops were at Whitewater State Park, which was lovely as always (and had bellflowers!), and then my first ever visit to Carley State Park, in good time for the peak of the Virginia Bluebells the park is known for, though by then it was after 7:30 and getting dark for photos. So yes, by the time I got home it was 9:45 pm and I had put over 498 miles on my car! Quite a full day!

     My last gush is related. My car cd player quit working last year, and driving hours with no music could have driven me around the bend. But thanks to Amazon I got this fantastic little pocket speaker I can run off the cigarette jack in the car, and it can read music on SD cards, or link up to other devices. Worked great, and I was able to listen the entire day!
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