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Shouts · of · Joy

I thought the last two weeks of work were rotten, but this one is…

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I thought the last two weeks of work were rotten, but this one is worse! Regardless, there are still good things happening...

     Over a month after getting my blood tested by the Red Cross due to potential issues with antibodies, I finally got a letter saying my results came back normal and I can donate again. Yay!

     I love this time of year because I can stick my face into passing lilac bushes and enjoy the lovely scent as I head to and from the bus stop. Also grateful that the blossoms are faring much better than last spring!

     It took a couple months for it to kick in, but thanks to my increased exercise post-Florida, my weight is wonderfully low, and I think I can justify buying myself some sweets regularly again (it's been years)...or just keep enjoying plenty of guacamole and deep-fried cheese curds, that would work too. ;)

     It took a few weeks, but I finally finished making the lyrics for the ballad of "The Avalorn and the Farmer's Daughter," which I've been wanting to do for years. Having time to DO anything with those lyrics, however...that might be another decade!
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